Landscape & Site Design available on SketchUp Campus - Make Face Issues

Hello, I am using Sketchup 2018 Pro and am taking the Landscape & Site Design available on SketchUp Campus course. I am having problems making faces as I follow through the tutorial. I have imported the CAD linework, used the edge close gaps tool, as well as the flatten plane extension but am still unable to make faces as the tutorial shows. I would like to complete this course and find out what the issue is, please help!

Steffi Baker

Hi @steffivbaker. I can try to help you with this step. Can you upload your model here with your CAD linework imported so I can take a look? Thanks.

Hi Eric, I have attached my practice file from the course with the CAD linework. I think it’s not exploding properly or closing gaps. In the course, I’m 1.40min in the CAD Clean Up & Making Faces video.

Practice File.skp (6.1 MB)
CC_DesignBase.dwg (615.9 KB)


Technically Face Creator extension works on groups but for some reason it’s not on this one. I’d recommend exploding the Site CAD linework. Then run it again. As you can see below it filled in all the faces. You can then re-group everything afterwards.

Alternatively, it should work the same if you run Face Creator from inside of the Site linework group.
Also I noticed your X_SketchPlan image was not grouped. Everything in your model should be grouped with the raw geometry on Layer 0 (Untagged) and the group assigned to a layer.

Let me know once you get it working as I’ve demonstrated.


Hi Eric,

Thank you for your help and advice this work!

-Steffi Baker

Your welcome!