Smoove , contour existing surfaces

I know how to use the sandbox tools when creating new, from scratch but cant seem to figure out how to contour an existing surfaces, I am Working a site plan and have landscaping beds and want to add a litte contour. can you use smoove tool on an existing surface?

just one flat surface. site plans end up with a lot of islands and green areas that woudl be nice to add some simple contouring too after creating.

Think of it as creating a grid over the surface. You basically create an array of edges in the x and y ‘grid’ to give you something to smoove.

hmm, I am n

ot doing this correctly.

Thank I am getting it. Thanks !!

Try placing a new grid from scratch over the landscape planting area…

Then drape the grid onto the planting bed…

Then you can smoove…

and bam!

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Have you spent a bit of time at the Campus to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals.


That’s very helpful. When I do large site plans I end up with a ton of these types of areas

No. I have been a SU user for a very long time but there are A LOT of things I don’t know how to do.

Try this extension, Soap Skin Bubble - it’s great for forming gentle berms. It automatically creates the subdivided surface from an existing area, and then ‘inflates’ the mesh to form the grade change: