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Is there a way to paint with smooth edges without increasing the poly count? Perhaps another extension? It would help make textures more artistic.

This smooth edged style of painting is what I want to do in SketchUp with an extension.


You need to be adding a texture or projecting one rather than applying material to the actual polygons. There could be a plugin for painting but I have not seen one.

if you want to paint onto the polys instead however then create a shape and intersect it into the surface, you will get cleaner lines then.

That’s what I have done in this example with the sharks teeth, created a model of the teeth, push/pull into the surface and then intersect and painted it within SketchUp.

You can make the edges as smooth as you want depending on the number of edges in the splines you create.

However this won’t be as efficient as other methods like texture baking or similar. In this example, the materials have been applied to the high resolution sculpt, then re-applied to a low poly model for the game itself:

I have not used Sculptris but if it’s similar to it’s peer software you should be able to import the SketchUp mesh, up the resolution, create your materials, then export those and re-apply them to the original SketchUp mesh.


That’s really good advice, but I don’t know if I could handcraft a projected texture to blend the grass texture with the rock texture…

In Unity, they let you blend textures, but their terrain creation tools are subpar compared to Artisan (in my opinion).

You can use an image editor like Photoshop to do this quite easily (or GIMP the free alternative) and then import that in.

There is not and a ‘one and all’ software package (really) to do all these things although some packages come close in options available. You need to use a mix of software and then combine the strengths of all to get the desired results.

If you want to do the texture merge above, best results are Photoshop (or similar) or Substance Painter/(Blender if you can stomach it).

ED: to add, you could absolutely apply the blend very easily with the above (original reply) method of painting in a 3rd party and then re-importing back into SU and projecting. Here is an example although with a different use case: Textured Lancer Assault Rifle | 3D Warehouse


Depends on the end result you need, but you can get the desired effect directly into SketchUp, with (or without) Skatter: google > Making of The Meadow with SketchUp & Skatter (tutorial by Ronen Bekerman).

You can use Sculptris to create your land and texture for it, then import it as an OBJ file in SketchUp.

You can create 3D elements in SketchUp and then in Unity you create your ground and render the scene.

And there are many other variants, some have already been presented to you by liamk887.

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