Edge wear effect

Any way to add edge wear effects like it is in Blender? Or any plugin?

In SketchUp there are ‘sketchy edges’ styles. That could be similar to edge wear.

ah no, i dont mean this one. i mean something like photo effect editor plugin to use fast and easily on textures.
also i need your help. i use THRU PAINT plugin in Sketchup, but when i export model in unity, texture is not mapped. ow to solve this problem?

I believe you’re describing the rendering engine in Blender. Sketchup doesn’t have native rendering, but you can very easily use a 3rd party renderer with sketchup to create enhanced textures and normal/bump maps as you wish.

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yes, i am about this. i use photoshop for details, but it is very hard to export every single detail textures in photoshop and edit then. also i can not export curved face texture as Unique ((