Texture generation to mimic SketchUp "look"


Hi! I’m using SKetchUp to build models for a hobby 3d game project. Although I had different plans in the beginning, I realised I like very much the sterile look of SketchUp models, with light grey faces and black edges.
Typical game engines are not prepared to render edges, they operate only with vertices so there are some CPU/GPU heavy tricks used to achieve the same look in a game.
Is there an easy way to auto-generate textures for my SketchUp models, which are basically consisting of white polygons with black edges, fitting all faces perfectly; when applied to a model in a typical game engine, would result the same look, as in SketchUp?

I mean this look, obviously without the shading and the shadows, those will come from the game engine:


You can get the desired effect if you export your model as a DAE or OBJ file, and unwrap and UV mapping in Blender.