AI generated textures - Could it be added to SketchUp?

Just noticed a post today about Roblox adding an AI-based material generator to their system:

Would it be great to have something like this in SketchUp – just type in what you want and you get a seamless texture to use!

If you can download an image to your computer you could add it as a texture now.

Sure, I download lots of textures off the web. Sometimes, though, it is difficult to find just the right thing. If the generator were good (which perhaps it is not just yet) it would be easy to type in “square tiles alternating between blue and white tiles laid in a brick pattern, with dark grout” and just get that to use.

I get it. If you can get a jpg or png from that material generator you’re all set now.

Pretty soon AI will be advanced enough that the “client” will be able to type in a brief description of what they want and get a bunch of options to choose from. No need for an interior designer or architect.

Yes, true enough. We may be needed only for reassurance during the building process.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, I’m not convinced you’d even be needed for that.

The problem with these AI programs is how they’re trained to render images. Getty Images is currently filing suit with Stable Diffusion over the use of the photo library in training their machine learning tools. Trimble isn’t going to open itself up to the same potential situation. At least, they wouldn’t implement it in their native tools.

You raise a good point that applies to all of the current wave of generative AI: it must be trained only on public domain source material else it could be subject to suits for theft of intellectual property. The recent deliberations in the US Congress about the so-called section 203 that isolates sites such as twitter from responsibility for what users post may be relevant.

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I have written a plugin to intergrate OpenAI into SketchUp, you can try it here.

In this video, AI has random some color by style follow order of user.

Download link of plugin is in video’s description. Require an OpenAI account for private API Key.