CityEngine to sketchup and vray


I’m new to cityengine, and is trying to establish a workflow between cityengine and final presentation material. The plan is to create the geometry in cityengine, and then export it to sketchup to use vray as render for final presentation image. I have exported the scene from cityengine as a Collada file. There is already added some textures. When importing the file to sketchup the textures is visible, but when using vray to render the texture turns black, I can use the paint bucket and add a color/texture which render fine. Do anyone know if it is possible to render the texture that is included from cityengine?

thank you in advance.

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Are faces reversed in the SketchUp model? Look at it in the Monochrome face style.

Sharing a sample SKP file that illustrates the problem would make it much easier for us to help you. It would save the guessing.