Vray missing textures

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I recently downloaded some free models from design connected but the renders do not come out as well as the previews. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is it because the bitmaps are not linked to the model? I tried looking at the file path editor but it won’t allow me to relink any bitmaps. Any help would be greatly apppreciated!

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Unless they are specifically VRAY ready models made with a later version than 2 (I think) the materials may not work (correctly) with later versions. could you upload an example?
if they are not VRay specific then you will need to recreate the materials based on the reference.

The bitmaps may be embedded in the SU model, in which case you need to edit the texture from the SU materials tray in an image editor, save out the file as a jpg / png whatever and then reference that saved image file in the tray asset editor, this will clear up the file path in the file path editor.

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Thanks for the quick reply. The model I tried rendering can be found here: https://www.designconnected.com/Lighting/Table-lights/Tip-of-the-Tongue-Table-Lamp_p9197 From what I can tell it should be a Vray ready model but the render is nowhere near the quality of the preview given. I will take look at the tray asset editor as well.

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Ok so it’s a .max model, how did you convert to .skp or are you using an intermediate format like .obj or .dae?
Any conversion process will remove any vray specific material parameters and likely just leave a diffuse slot texture map hence the sketchup model render looking flat.
This is a guess albeit an educated one.


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The model wasn’t converted to .Skp You are able to select what file format you would like upon downloading the model. However the model does not render as well in sketchup unfortunately.

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What format did you download it in? How about sharing that file? I’m not interested in signing up at that site just to download a file. That lamp would be easy enough to model from scratch in SketchUp. If I wanted a component like that to use in a SketchUp model, I would just model it myself.

Apologies here is the file. I understand I could model it quite easily but I want to save time as I am rendering an interior scene.

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Michael_Anastassiades_Tip_of_the_tongue_skp.zip (3.0 MB)

Here are the mapsMichael_Anastassiades_Tip_of_the_tongue_maps.zip (569.3 KB)

The vray materials are in no way set up in the model, they have basic materials assignments but you will have to set up the material properties manually, its (almost) like getting a proxy with material ID’s
its probably quicker to do them all from scratch.

to avoid the flat look, also its all about the lighting setup.

heres quick render with the materials (roughly) recreated from the reference image,

also heres a link to my version of the .skp with a rough studio setup.

if this doesn’t work let me know and I’ll post a VRscene

hope this helps


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Hi biftex
Very nice model and studio :innocent:
The HDR is missing: studio001.hdr.
Can you please attach it?