What type of plugins work the best for photorealistic renderings

Hello, I’m new to sketchup and just found out there are diferanyt plugins I can use for photo realistic pictures. I’m trying to create the best inside and outside views of commercial buildings to show clients. Wondering what would work the best.

It’s not about the plugins. Lighting, and good texture work is a good place to start. Also try to bevel your edges as much as possible as there is no such thing as completely sharp corners in real life. In that case you would find “RoundCorner” plugin by Fredo6 to be helpful. The more you make shadows with geometry the more realistic it will be in contrast to relying on bump maps. But your poly count will rise. You can also look into some post production techniques. Are you using an external rendering application? I would recommend a rendering app if you are going for photo realistic images. There are a few good ones to choose from. Kerkythea is a good start as it is free. Check out some galleries and see what various artists are using. Hope this helps.