Rendering plug in programmes



Hello - what is a preferred rendering package plugin software for architectural models, interiors and exterior shots?..the most user friendly, preferably all within sketchup.

Your comments are welcome


I use Thea myself doss the job.


cheers…looked at this and rendering look the business


Yep really good results for exterior/interior


really interesting graphics you produce, thanks for posting…I have graphics card/capability which is ‘Intel® HD Graphics 4000’ …not sure if this will suffice


I’d second Thea for results, cost and sketchup integration.
V-Ray is often regarded as the top dog but $$$ . The best way is to get trial versions if available and try them out yourself as some may feel more instinctive to your way of working. Texturing, lighting etc to produce good renders has a decent learning curve, like getting a tune out of an instrument.


Cheers for info…will give the trial version a run,…checked out your website, great reproductions of the photograph images into the sketcheup/vray renders…will see where the tune goes - thanks!


It will work OK but take a while. What you really need is a cuda supported Gpu if you want to decrease the time takes using both GPU and CPU together.


Cheers will see how trial version go of rendering software before


Ive used Brighter 3D from within SU

That was my first attempt to use it.

and a 2nd attempt. I haven’t used it much. But it seems easy to use. I’m sure my attempts don’t do the program justice.


Take a look at lumion, i’ve been able to get some great results really quickly. The images in this post took about 10 seconds each to render.


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