Sharpen Edges - Import 3d CAD model into Sketchup

Im having a little problem with edges on sketchup, then i googling for the answer.
I hope someone can help, because i have tried every thing.
First i want to explain my problem. I have Modeling 3d , in AutoCAD, but I always import the dwg to sketchup to put some textures and delivery the file in sketchup as well.
When i imported a rubished bin into sketch it edges look so sharp than i can fix it. I smothed de edges but when i applyed the texture the sharpen edges come back to appear.

Hope some one can help me


Maybe the “soften/smooth edges” can solve the problem. Do you share the skp file?

Hello Ecati, thanks for the reply. I have already used soften/smooth edges, it did help a little bit but when i put the texture, it come back like in the picture.I think maybe its the texture that im using

Lixeira clean 8 litros.skp (1.1 MB)

This image is normal when you use sketchup textures. If you import and apply it as a similar texture image you can get the result you want. I hope I’m not wrong.

Lixeira clean 8 litros_ecati.skp (1.7 MB)

@ivan123456, are you referring to the segments that make up the circles? If so, that is a different issue than smoothing the model (which you seem to have done quite well in the model I downloaded).

Thanks so much Ecati, after a day searching i have done the same as you did and worked quite well.

Good to know that i was in the right way.

Thanks so much for your time and help.


Thanks Aaron for the feed back.

When you say that there is a different issue, what do you mean?

I’m just asking for clarification on what you mean when you say that you are saying that edges are sharp. Do you mean you are seeing lines come back after you have smoothed them, or are you talking about how the circles are made up of flat edges?

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