How to make SketchUp model High Poly / Resolution?


Hi !!!

i like cars,building modals , i tried to import car modals from Warehouse but those modals has cornor and sketchy … how can i make them soft and with high resolution… like mention below…

By the way i want to export my modal from Sketchup to Cryengine using Playup Tool Plugin.

Sketchup vs v-Ray

High poly model

Window-Styles-Edit then uncheck ‘edges’. Alternatively edit the component in wireframe by hiding the edges.

This will only affect the appearance in SketchUp. After you export the model the appearance can be manipulated in Cryengine or any other software that you import it into.


Changing visibility settings does not affect the “high poly” nature of the model. To improve the visual appearance of curved surfaces, one can set edges as “smooth” and “soft” (select the surface, then Window → Soften Edges) which will let SketchUp interpolate colors and shading as if the surface was curved, but contours will still show segmented and low-poly.

To increase the polygon count, you either have to create the model from scratch with more segments, or you use remeshing/subdivision tools. There are some plugins for SketchUp like Artisan.


thanks for replying both u …

@Aerilius i am not aware of those thing in 3D apps. i have jst started learning yesterday … i dont know how to use that plugin to smooth my car u have any video tutorial so i learn from that ?