Small Things

How do I change scale in SU ?
I want to draw something that is no bigger than 11"
When I try to draw it it is so small i cant see it.
Am I supposed to use the zoom thingy?

Sketchup is a 3d environment, you navigate it by orbiting, panning and zooming. You don’t work in scale as such, you work life size, unless your object is very small.
So if you have fixed your Mouse issues from the other thread that you haven’t let us know, you just need to roll the scroll wheel in to look at your 11 inches. Or use Zoom to selection or zoom extents.

You can also use the zoom tool to change the field of view to see extremely small details. I made some gifs in a tutorial.

Another technique for drawing small geometry is the “Dave Method”.

Why is the dimensions box so small and off sight line.
Why cant they make it so you can relocate the dimension box into work area or at least closer so that you dont have to look down at that itty little bitty tiny little teeny weeny box in the lower right hand corner?
I will check my bank account so i can buy this company and change all the duh and obvious stuff that will make this actually user friendly and not just expert friendly.
I can tell the resident experts on here have invested thousands of hours into this.
When I see the 'solutions" and the workarounds all I see is a sht ton of unnecessary WORK.
SO far I can literally beat this program with a mechanical pencil and graph paper.
Before I ever considered paying a buck a day for this there would have to be some changes in UI.
For starters…get rid of the hipster t-shirt dude that has to be removed every fking time you start a new project.
Add up all the time it has taken for every user to delete that useless pointless dude over the life of this program and it has to be 1000s of hours of lost productivity.


Delete the dude and save as template, along with all your other settings.
Open the Measurement toolbar and put it wherever you want.


Why does there have to be a 'Dave Method" when the program could be easily tweaked to a button or two to solve this issue?
Sooooooo much time and work to effect a work around.
Sooooo many lost hours or productivity.
I have seen some pretty amazing finished projects on here.
Sad to think that they had to take twice as long as necessary.

“open the measurement tool bar”?
Again its not at all obvious how that is done.
It should be…obvious.
I see a measurement BOX but I see no button that says “open measurement tool bar”.

If you’re fine with your mechanical pencil, why don’t you stick with it?


Spending some time learning how something works is far more productive that flying off the handle because it hasn’t been spoon fed to you.

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"delete the dude and save as template’
add up the time it take to do that…then multiply by how many times that has had to been done by every user in the world since the introduction of the program…
That is my point.
Just a glaring inefficiency that drives me bonkers.
Unless someone can give me a reasonable and logical reason why anyone needs a hipster t-shirt dude on their work area.
I bet a million bucks Autodesk doesnt have the dude and I bet another million that no one has complained or wondered where he is.

It is a scale figure, which would have helped you realise where your 11 inches had gone.


No one is flying off the handle.
I am German.
We sound like we are yelling when we ask you how your day is.
Sorry. I loathe inefficiency.
The useless, pointless, unnecessary t-shirt hipster dude that has to be deleted…INEFFICIENT.

I lived in Germany for 12 years.
Following the guidelines of the forum I will no longer be responding.

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Sorry my dislike for inefficiency offended you so much.

Like the inefficiency of me having to go looking for the one post in one of your threads that actually tells me what graphic card you have.
Get a grip.
Every one of your threads has been aggressive from the start and we have tried to answer you with helpful advice. You ignore it or use it and don’t respond in any positive way and just keep complaining.
The most efficient thing you can do is, like everyone else, learn how to use the software.
But not for you, I’m sure you got in a car and drove without learning anything about how a car works or what road rules are, no doubt you can pick up a violin and instantly play like a virtuoso.
Good luck.

The guy that invented the violin didn’t stick a spider monkey on the end of the bow and then expect every person trying to learn how to play the violin to create a work around for the monkey.
You and others have done a great job explaining how to learn this “violin” and I ask “why the ___ does there need to be a monkey on the bow in the first place?!!” and you deem that “aggressive”.

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If this cant handle this program I dont know what can.

In the startup screen or your preferences, you can choose an urban planning template to get rid of the scale figure. It will become your new default after selecting it.

If you’re having a frustrating time learning SketchUp & desire to learn, then I’d recommend watching this training series on Youtube.

Possibly because SketchUp isn’t meant for making things smaller than a certain size. SketchUp is mainly used by architects, furniture designers, and other people making life-size models. There isn’t much of a need to make geometry that small, but it’d be helpful in certain situations. Line segments that are less than 1/1000" might actually pose more problems than they fix. For example, it’d be hard to find lost geometry because it’s so small.


I have a small way, is it possible to try,
I know that drawing very small things, the operation will be very difficult,
generally I enlarge the model first 100 times,
and then reduce it 100 times after the completion of the production,
I feel that this is very practical, to avoid the difficulty of operating very small models.

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Love your sense of humor!