I want to draw in 1"=1" scale

I’m doing a project in inches. Can I draw in inches. Or is there a way that I can make my drawing board larger. I would like to work on a larger board to see the project

You can draw in any common unit you wish (Inches, MM, CM, Meter, Feet, etc). You can either type it when you draw, or in your preferences you can pick the default template that will allow you to pick which units you wish to work it. There’s no drawing board, you can infinite space, simply zoom in or out as you like.

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You don’t draw to scale in SU. Everything is to full size or, in fact, 1" = 1".

I think I want to use the zoom. That would allow me to work on a 6"x 8" x 3" project. Is that correct. I haven’t used sketchup in a long time. I do remember that I can type in my dimensions. I switch my project to feet and drawing in feet to be able to see my project

How do I unzoom and also, how do I make my walls transparent

I found how to erase walls

If your mouse has a scroll wheel, it’s default to act as your zoom, so scroll in and out to zoom in and out.
For transparent walls, you can either turn on X-ray or change the face material to an actual transparent material, like a glass texture.
You can youtube plenty of tutorials to help get you started.