Small lower corner measurement box

I’m using Sketchu Pro 2016 Architectural version. Everytime I draw a line, its not giving me the regular feet to inches measurements. Its doing random numbers and then inches. How can I change it so I can simply type in how many feet I want?

Are you actually entering the length of the edge when you draw it or just dragging it out with the mouse?

You should be able to start drawing the line, let go of the mouse and type the desired length. Hit the Enter key and you’re good to go.

If the units aren’t the ones you want, go to Window>Model Info>Units and set choose the one you want to use.

Yes I tried going and changing units… I was drawing line, releasing and then entering number into box. It seems that the measurements are off. I should be able to change it so it goes straight to feet. Instead it has a bunch of numbers, then the feet sign ’ then the inches sign

Maybe you could show us a screen shot?