Unable to see the length bar, bottom right hand corner

Hi. Complete newbie to sketch up. I want to use it to draw basic 2d landscape plans. In all online tutorials there is a simple way to change the length of a line with a length field in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. I do not have this and cant work out how to do something as simple as changing the length of a line or a rectangle. Mine has measurements and not length and I cant change the length here. I have the window in full screen mode so its not that. Please help

Right click on the bottom status bar and tick the two measurement options.

Best to start at the campus and learn the basics.

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Thanks for the tip. I only have one measurement option though?

You don’t have this?

I have both Measurements label and value are ticked. But I still cant see the length field. It just says Measurement and I cant enter a value

You can’t enter anything in the field, it is only a display.
When entering any input to sketchup you just type and hit enter, sketchup is always listening.

Got it, thanks. Now I need to work out how to change the length of the sides of the rectangle after I have made a rectangle

There are many ways, the move tool, the scale tool, pushpull and so on. There is no option to select the rectangle and just type in a new size, sketchup doesn’t work that way.
The scale tool is closest to that, select the rectangle with the scale tool, pull one corner handle, let go and type the sizes you want including the unit and with the two dimensions separated by a , (; if your regional format uses that) and hit enter.

Sounds like you are trying to use SketchUp like some CAD programs. While you can change the size of a rectangle after you have drawn it, the more efficient thing to do is make it the right size to start with. Click and release to set the first corner, drag the rectangle out in the general direction, let go of the mouse, type the desired dimensions and press Enter. Pay attention to the measurements display as you drag out the rectangle. Use the same separator as displayed.