Slow Performance when Fast Feedback is ON

After opening a model that I had exported from Revit through a plugin Sketchup was running slow, almost unusable on the default Intel Graphics but not with the Dedicated Nvidia Quadro Card even with an empty project (Although I didn’t have such a problem before opening that file). Turning Fast feedback OFF seems to resolve the problem but my question is why is this happening? The file is not that big only 1.7Mb. Is there something going wrong when exporting the file?

Fast feedback requires somewhat “advanced” graphics card capabilities. If the graphics driver does not support these or has a poor/buggy support of these features, performance is slow.
This can be noticed when using the Selection tool and drawing the selection rectangle.

Have you tried updating your Intel graphics driver (I have never had fast feedback issues with Intel, but it seems not all their drivers versions are that good).

has maybe something to do with:

My hardware is not the problem. I am running it on a Kabylake i7 processor with a quadro gpu. Even it’s Iris graphics should be more than enough to run Sketchup and it was enough. It all started after I opened an exported sketchup file from Revit. The same thing happened on other computers.

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