Slow Loading Opening Components

Am posting this here in case someone else has had a similar problem.

On a Surface Pro, i7 discreet GPU, 16g RAM, Win10 that has been running sketchup files perfectly, since a recent windows update the SU files run fine but opening (double clicking) components and groups causes the cursor to change to the circular loading icon and take several seconds to open the group/component.

This didn’t happen previous to the update. Have tried everything and GPU, CPU etc seem to be running fine and are set to high performance via this method: Before you Game on the Surface Book, do these quick easy steps - YouTube

The sketchup models run fast and snappy other than this one issue when opening/closing groups/components.

Any help much appreciated.


What is the nature of the updates?

Have you looked (by date) for files/updates which have been installed onto your system.

You can usually track down some information on what they entail. . . and doing so might provide a clue as to what’s at play here.

Might be possible to uninstall the offending update. . . just look for the one with beady eyes, and a slight limp in it’s stride, then show him the exit.

Haha, thanks for the response Jim. It turns out this issue is associated with certain plugins that, once disabled, allow the problem to stop occuring.

Whether this is related to how the plugins interact with the recent windows update, I am unsure.

Am still trying to track down exactly which plugin and why it is doing this.