Slope pond how to do


How to make slope pond


Mainly with the line tool.


Dear . Cotty
I new user. Please expand Mainly with the line tool


Perhaps you could expand on “slope pond”.



I suspect friend @Cotty is messing with you–deliberately giving a response that is as incomprehensible as the question for humorous effect.

I think the reason you have received so few responses is because your question is undecipherable. What are you asking? Do you want to know how to create a depression (pond) with banks of a specified slope?

Please spend some time to compose a complete, comprehensible question. Please write it as for someone who has no idea what you’re talking about but would like to help. That describes me, for one.



If language is a problem for you use images to give us a better idea of what you want.
It’s also worth writing your question in your native language. Some will understand and others can use a translator of their choice.


This ’kidney bean’ tutorial is pond-shaped and it just uses the native SU tools.


I’m Thon
Many thank for supporting , I like to learn Sketchup but english not so good


Don’t worry about the English–I couldn’t write even half as well in your language.

Mainly, we all want to hear more about your issue. First, please write a thorough description in whatever language you feel most fluent. Then we’ll worry about getting it translated–either you or one of us can run it through Google Translate.



Dear Gully
I Following learn from BannSketchup (warunyoon) on the youtube.
I wacth he use move tools and (")_? Meaning tools
He use rectangle and offset 3 time and move down , but I can not make to same him


Sounds like you want a linear array.

When you want to repeat a Move (or a Move/Copy), just perform the first move as you normally would, then, if you want two more copies at the same spacing, type *3 (or 3*), meaning you want a total of three copies.

Do you have a source of written documentation for SketchUp you feel comfortable using? Are you now able to look up “linear array” to read more about it?



Dear Gully
I try to used Move tool down but can not use tool


Maybe you have to force an autofold with the alt-key while moving (or you can fix the blue direction with the key up in this case too).


Wow, Cotty
Many Thanks,I try to do this is Pond 2 day
Right now I’m clearly from your advise
Again Thanks,