Measure Volume of Pond?

Brand new to Sketchup and 3D so go easy on me please.

The attached image shows the outline of a small pond (it’s actually a sinkhole). The dots in the center area are points where the depth was measured, and the dimensions of the outline and location of dots are known. I have managed to create the outline in SU using a translucent overlay, and now I want to create lines from the surface down to (or maybe invert this “pond” and go “up to” to make it easier on my brain) the measured depths at the points shown. Then I figured I would create solids from the outline to the ends of my depth lines, group them all together and then have SU measure the volume. Failed miserably at that, starting with creating depth lines. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (Remember I’m really really new at this.)

Updated image of the “pond”. Maybe, just maybe, one of you nice people having nothing to do today will take it upon yourself to measure this blasted sinkhole for me. :slight_smile: I would be eternally grateful.

Draw the points as vertical edges to the correct heights. Then use sandbox tool, from contours on the whole thing. This should give you the basic shell, you would just need to close the bottom face and make it a solid group to get the volume.
On phone now so unable to do it.

To set the ‘pond’ face the exact length, before doing any new lines etc use the Tapemeasure tool to pick A and B and type in the exact dim required 48’7" + enter, and accept the rescaling.
Now it’s sized properly so you can add the ‘verticals’…

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Thank you very much TIG. But I have to apologize for not specifying units. The depths are in inches, not feet. :frowning:

This sink hole is next to my daughter’s house and I’m about to send in the trucks with loads of dirt to fill it. I’ve had estimates all over the place as to how many truckloads it will take, from 7 to 20. At $125 per load I need to know what I’m getting in to before I pull the trigger. If it’s 20 I’m going to suggest she turn it into a Koi pond.

Dang !
Try this.


Thank you * 1000. Really appreciate this. Saved me hours of learning something that I’ll forget from non-use.

Nice to see Tig demo my description.

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I was preparing it when you posted !
BUT you did beat me to the initial explanation.

I don’t just do scripting :wink:

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How did you get your leader text to display CUBIC ft? Oh, I just noticed you copied it from the “Edit info” box. I guess leader text does not do volume. Also I just noticed that it does not change with the object either, so it won’t work for me.
This would probably need to be a new topic anyway. I’m not familiar with how this works.

I added a piece of leader-text onto a face.
It showed the face’s area in ft²

I then selected the object - which is a solid - and it reported the volume ft³ in Entity Info.
I selected the text relating to the volume and did an Edit>Copy.

I then edited the leader-text and replaced its string with the volume, using Edit>Paste.

There is no simple way to get a volume ‘tag’ using just native tools…

However I have a couple of scripts…

Note the usage - the first is slow but works on non-solids, the second is for solids and is quicker…

Thanks TIG. I’ll have to take at the rest of your plug-ins.

Wow, informative forum.:sunglasses:

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