Best Way to Measure Irregular Pool

Hi, I am new here and to Sketchup. I have done 4 of the beginner videos and am starting to feel comfortable with the program. I am wanting to convert my empty swimming pool to a garden pool - a small pond with fish, ducks and aquaponics. Unfortunately, it is very irregular and since I am not an engineer or anything, I am not sure the best way to get measurements for imputing into Sketchup. I tried to find my home in Google Earth because I was thinking perhaps that would be useful, but the trees completely cover the view of the pool. I was next thinking of marking the pool in increments of 1 foot all the way around and then measuring from point to points, but that seems tedious and I am not sure if that would work. Any suggestions? I attached some photos to show what I am starting with. Thanks…

is there not a set of plans for the pool somewhere?


Well, you seem to need some images taken from directly above the pool. I’ve taken some pics with a camera on a 25 foot “gopher pole” (an electrician’s fishing tool). Or maybe you know someone with a photo drone. Lastly, you could take some pics from a ladder looking straight down and stitch them together, never tried this one however.

I don’t know…they weren’t given to us when we bought the house 16 years ago :frowning:

Is that the only way to do this? I also realized that the bottom contouring is going to be problematic. I feel that this is way beyond me comfort zone! Ah well, I will keep working on it.

Assuming you are only need it to be roughly approximate for planning purposes.
I would mark straight lines of specific lengths and angles down the center of the pool. Then use that as a known point to determine the various center points of the arcs that form the shape. That should give you a radius for each curve and you should be able to fill in the shapes in between.

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I can not answer " best way" except 3 d scan but that would be $$ and not worth the cost. One of the problems you face is getting some type of calibration of the camera. The rectangular box in one of your pic caught my eye as a possible use for photo match to calibrate the camera you are using. For the level of detail you no not need 1000’S of points.
I would remove its feet so you can get a crude origin ref, measure its dimensions for later size calibration. Then moving it at several positions in the pool and taking the correct photos ( Read Su help about photo match. I am sure there are a number of You Tube videos on subject also) plus same number for corresponding elevations. Like you note there are no edges at bottom to get wall profile so you will have to wing it here. You should get enough info for crude SU model.
Just some thoughts
Good Luck

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This may or may not be of any help, but if you were to run a flexible measuring tape along the entire upper perimeter, that would give to a circumference to find the total area if you were to wrap your measurement into a concentric circle. You could then measure and subtract the various steps within the body of the pool. As far as the slope in the floor, measuring the gallons of water it takes to bring it level with the flat of the floor might be the easiest.

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Or you can clamp a rope across the pool and measure the distances to that rope (e.g. every meter) to get some construction points for the circumference which you can use with the arc tool (see Boxs example) or BezierSpline plugin …


If you prop that box in the pool up and level it off with a spirit level, you can then use the “match photo” tools in SU to draw a fairly good representation from the photos. Draw a box of that size and make all the photos line up with it; that should give you a good datum to start from.

(Click on each of the scenes and you should get what I’m talking about - “Edit matched photo” on each to see how it works)Pool.skp (768.6 KB)

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Thanks for everyone’s help! I will work on it and let you know how I do :slight_smile:

Gadget, can you point me to where I can learn how to import photos and do what you are talking about? I have only done the first 4 videos and am not aware of what programs work with Sketchup and what other tutorials I should focus on for my particular projects. Thanks for your idea and advice. I also plan on trying some of the other ideas too, but it seems that I should know how to do what you are suggesting. Hopefully there are some tutorials for it. Thanks.

The net is loaded with info just do a search. This is one example

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