Need help in plugin or technique for bath


hello all! I wonder what plugin should I use to accomplish the work? I mean makin the face? or what is better method to do this?


For this shape, you can even try the Sandbox from Contours tool. Another possibility is to first use the Follow Me tool and then the Scale tool to deform the result. Some plugins like Artisan might offer perhaps more advanced tools for this, but these should be enough for a basic lookalike model.



You could try the soap skin and bube on each section. A hull example



Before making the face there is a first step which your post shows partially. You must get some type of wire frame that describes the important profiles of the pool. There are a couple of tools that are adaptive in the sense they will create a surface from a profile ( the curves in your pic) which change dimensions while following the rails like the top and bottom of your pool shown in the pic. Some tools will only follow one rail and use a fixed profile. I would consider the use of either TIG’s extrude tool set or Fredo’s curviloft either would do the job. Think of the bulk heads of a ships hull and how its hull is install from them.
If you have ortho views of the pool can get the profiles although it looks like your post some of that data maybe there already. If the pool has some symmetry you can use that to reduce the required layout effort.


You might want to give the Spirix plugin a try. It is somewhat persnickety and the documentation isn’t terribly clear sometimes, but it might work for what you’re looking for.

Basically, start with a (crude) hand-drawn approximation of your tub and lay out some circles:

Then refine the final contour. Finally, trace around the outside edge and group it; then create a drain hole for the bottom and group it:

Then use the plugin to create a surface defined by 36 segments that morph from the TOP along an arc to the DRAIN 16" below:

Here’s some other views:

Yes, it’s a little more complicated than what I’ve indicated, but I think it might help you create the shape you’re looking for.


I would just Push/Pull the tub part way down then use the Scale tool on just that lower surface to match the desired contour at that level. Push/Pull and Scale a few more times to get the final results. This is quick. Some demos of the process on this page


Me too.

A quick Artisan example…


thanks you helped me alot I’m going threw all of what you have said. I will upload the shape


A quick example with Curviloft… (1.0 MB)


Here’s a method using From Contours.



as I see you perfectly followed all the lines in 2D what tools have you used to do it? the two straight lines are simple I’m talking about the curved one two point arc don’t give me a simple solution or I just need to create to many of those arcs.
I meant the inside one from what I’ve seen in the file you used only 3 separate lines?
also I wonder how you usually delete the middle line? using ctrl+eraser? or there is better method?


I’ve traced all the lines with only the arc tool and combined the different arcs with the simplify contours tools (part of Fredo6s Curvizard). If you need more control for the contours, you can use Fredos BezierSpline plugin.
What do you mean with “middle line”?


I have not used descriptive geometry for a number of years. The use of computers has largely made that obsolete. I did searches to find the model you are using with no luck however, a number of the manufacture models indicate they have sloped back rest and you attached 3-2 model seems to show that but no info to verify or allow derivation of its profile.
If you have inclination / time post the url model location and the info from the original post which seems to show other info vs. the 3-2 post data.
It almost seems the section A is flipped 180 degs??


mfamhigh: FYI different model concept, some work still needs doing