Curved tiles around edge of pool


Is there any (easy) way to achieve what is shown on attached picture? Basically I want to put tiles around the edge of my curved pool!

Do you want those tiles to be created from geometry (groups/components) or just a simple texture?

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I prefer to use components, this way I can texture them and make them a bit more intricate. I tried using the Curviloft plugin, but that didn’t quite work. Also tried several plugins that can copy items along a path. I’ve uploaded the model if needed.
pool 3.skp (419.6 KB)

using geometry

There are extensions that directly create groups/components from faces.

using texture


Thanks, I will give the geometry option a try. Appreciate the help!

You’re welcome!

You could improve the geometry you created in your model for the desired result


or using a custom tile


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Hi what is the name of the split extension?

Split Tools by TIG and available from Sketchucation.

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Yeah I must have missed that one as well when it came out. Grabbed it yesterday!

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Thanks Dave.

this will save me hours!

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