Follow me - Won't Follow me where I to go

I am a smiming pool designer and still learning how to best work with freeform pool shapes. Drawing the initial plan view and massing the arcs and circles precisely is still a a lot of work .I was pretty tickled to learn how to slope the pool floor and intersect with the walls . Then it came time for the cove where the wall meets the pool floor.

I welded all the segments together of the contoure pool floor perimeter . Then after adding the arc shap of the cove I implement the follow me command. It started off good but didnt make al the way around . At about half way the arc doesnt like the path and get distorted .

If you like to help attached is the export of the pool model.

Thank you
Pool Shell Only.skp (265.3 KB)

3D model as an idea
Pool 2.skp (190.7 KB)

I reshaped the pool with equal segments and used Bevel and Vertex Tools. Then SUbD can be used for a smoother shape.

Probably FredoCorner could be used too.

Directly, at the curve/bevel he wants, the geometry was not created correctly. I tested with Fredo Corner, Bevel and Extrude Tools. And this with the shape created by me, with equal segments.

I also tested in Blender

Thank you that gives me a lot to investigate.

Equal segments ? The pool shape is intentionally irregular which makes it harder to draw rather than using circles and intersecting them at tangents. Is there something I’m missing as far as " shape not created correctly " ? I mean something really obvious or are there too many problems to mention ? I’ll look into the bevel and vertex tools I assume they are native tools not plugins ?

Thank you for taking time to help me learn these additional functions .

An idea of how a pool with curved shapes can be drawn and how the bottom edge of the pool can be beveled/chamfered.

Extensions used:

That it top level high score stuff there . Along with an instruction tutorial that just blows my mind .

I certainly will get these extensions and work on this ( thanks for the list of plugins used too) . It was really helpful and likely saved me many many hours learning NOT how to accomplish this.

Much thanks on helping me not only solve the mysteries but helping me learn about tools that will help in lots of other applications

You’re welcome!

They are useful extensions in general, but especially for the type of activity you have - swimming pool designer.
In addition to those used in the previous video, at least SUbD and/or Artisan will be useful for swimming pools with grottoes and hilly terrain. The same for water slides and other organic objects.