Creating a curved bath shape



I am trying to draw the attached bath design in Sketchup and failing miserably as relatively new! Can anyone help please?


Uhhh… Do you have any other reference photos? I am really having a hard time telling what id going on in this image.



anything like this? This was really fast using native tools.
looks like a job for subd if the sides are to be more rounded. It’s hard to tell from the image.




Hope this gives you a better idea. Not exactly the same as I am trying to centre the high point at front and back and mirror image the sides.

Hope you understand me :slight_smile:



Thanks for getting back so quickly, really appreciated. As you say I am looking for the front and rear to be a little higher. Put me to shame as have spent a long time trying to figure out how to do curves etc!


maybe you can see the steps used here.


Something like this you could do with Curviloft plugin


Sorry for bad quality gif…
But make a sphere, stretch it out to overall tub shape( control key to stretch from center). Copy that and move it above, stretch that out to make cut line( from center). Use solid tools ( i use bool tools) to subtract the second from the first. Then delete top face and use fredo’s joint push pull to thicken.

It’s one way of many I’m sure.


quickie render



That looks absolutly spot on for what I am trying to do. Could I download it from you somehow?


Click on the jpg, then choose download.:roll_eyes:
If @whiterabbitdesigncompany is like me, he probably would have erased the file used for the demo.
You have not learned to fish, yet?




Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he can feed himself.
In other words, @whiterabbitdesigncompany has shown you how to make it, rather than made it for you.


Indeed, it is erased, but you can see from the gif, it literally takes less than a minute to make. While I was demonstrating a technique, I doubt it’s exactly what you want, wall thickness, shape etc, so it would be better for you to make it yourself, not only to get exactly what you want but to benefit/learn from the experience?


Hi I can get to the stage of creating a copy etc boot when I try to use the Booltools I cannot select solid 1 and 2.Untitled.skp (198.2 KB)


Neither one is a solid. The geometry is all loose edges and faces. In order to be solids, you need to make each one a group or component. And both need to be “watertight”, that is, no holes and no internal faces. or stray edges.


Thanks for the reply managed that step but edges where 1 and 2 met are all misshaped rather than smooth?


That’s due to the shapes you created. To get smoother edges you need to create smoother shapes.


But I have just created the egg shape, copied it then cut it away to get the curve. How do I make it smoother?