Want to make this shape

Hello friends, so i am trying to model this bottom part of the vanity and I just cannot make the shape right. So as you can see it’s a curve that starts from lower level than goes up and if you look closely there’s a metal part inside the curve that is little higher than the curve, now the problem is it’s at the very end of the vanity where vanity itself is curved so i cannot use tools like follow me or chris shape bender, i tried using ffd but it just destroys the geometry so i was wondering is there a better way to model this shape and i know there is, i just cannot wrap my head around it so i would really appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Vanity bottom.skp (314.4 KB)

Notice that using more segments in the arcs will yield more precise curves.

Really thanks brother