Cut or model object

What is the most efficient aproach to cut this object in the guideline (5 degree slope) and in all sides?
I made it but I think must be other way. Mine is complicated and ended with some weird problems.
1st picture how it is and 2nd how it should be.
Thanks a lot.

I would have modeled it with the slope in the first place but if the thing is a solid component or group, a quick way to cut it would be to model a box with the bottom set to the slope and use Subtract from the Solid Tools set.

Edit: I realized that you are using SketchUp Free so won’t have the Solid Tools. I’ll move your thread to the proper category.

You could make a cutting plane to intersect this, but honestly for something this simple I would probably just push through it.


Good for experience with Push/Pull and Move.


I knew it. Sometimes we just forget the simplest solution. I was looking for this. Thanks

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You too thanks!

The longer you use SketchUp the more you will start to see the world through the lens of it’s tools. Everything starts to look like raw geometry to be pushed or pulled or rotated or moved, then solutions start to appear to you. You will know you are in deep the first time you try to “orbit” a 2D image in some other program.


I have to keep my hands away from the mouse while watching Aaron’s live sessions, else I keep trying to orbit his models :rofl:


Dear @endlessfix ,
So these functions are all in the free version? I’ve seen the pull function, but haven’t seen it work for pushing like in your animation. Very clever bTW.
Cheers Peter from Sydney (Newbie)

Absolutely available in SketchUp Free the web version. Although the interface has a different style from SUpro, SketchUp Free has almost all the same tools and capabilities. In fact that tool is called the push/pull tool and will move flat faces in either direction.

Love Sydney, great town.

Cheers from British Columbia.

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