Cutting out shapes with Sketchup Free

Hey Hey, I’m having trouble using the push/pull tool to cut out shapes in Sketchup Free. Does anyone now that you can definitely do this in Sketchup Free?



Perhaps show us the problem.

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Yes, either when faces are parallel or if not, with Push/Pull, followed by ‘Intersect Faces with…’ on a selection of geometry.
As @Box says, we need to see the problem first to give a better answer.

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Thanks guys! I figured it out, kind of. I was group the objects lines and faces before trying to cut out shapes. Do you know if there is a way to cut out of shapes from objects where the various components have already been grouped?

In terms of examples, what is the convention on this forum, can i upload a Sketchup model or should i give screenshots?


One or the other or both will do. The model file will be your besst bet though.

To cut out some geometry (you need to clean up after the intersect operation) you can enter the group or component, to be in its editing context. Then select all its geometry or the part that you suspect will intersect > 'Intersect faces with model > clean up > back out of the grouped environment again.

Why intersect faces with model? Because the rest is outside the grouped environment.

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Sorry i can see the problem now, i’m trying to cut shapes out of a “plywood” sheet but the wooden frame i’m referencing off is indeed not parallel, or at least there is something funky with it. The matter was complicated by the fact that i just didn’t grasp how the push pull function worked to cut shapes, thanks everybody for your help! Much appreciated


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Definitely feel encouraged to attach a SketchUp model to your post. If you are workign on something sensitive, attaching images works well too.

Per this question, if you already have grouped geometry, you can always select, and then cut or copy geometry into the group or component (assuming you drew it outside of the component). Just select the geometry you want to bring into the group/component, hit Ctrl+C/Ctrl+X (Or command on Max), then double click the group to edit, and then right click and select ‘Paste-in-Place’. (See attached image). 11%20PM

Now the geometry you want to cut away from your group should be manipulatable inside the group itself.

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