Push/pull extrusion cutting no longer working


Hi there, weird problem. Ive been happily modeling away, draw a rectangle on a box for example then extrude cut that rectangle through the box by selecting the PP tool, selecting the area to extrude then rotating the box to select the face on the other side to create the cut thru the the entire box.

Now all of a sudden, sketchup wont let me do this anymore, it lets me extrude shapes but not cut extrude.

Any ideas on what could be going wrong? Ive read about lines preventing extrusion, or faces not being parallel, it is not either of these causing it. The problem exists when things are components or grouped. Im totally stumped.



It’s hard to guess without seeing your model or what you are doing but two things spring to mind.
It wont cut if the two faces aren’t perfectly parallel, have you moved the back face at some point?
Is the “box” a group or component? if so you need to enter the group for editing before it will work.


Did you read all of my post?

It’s parallel and does it both as a group or component. I make a box, assign it to be a group then assign that to a layer. I’ve been working this way for a while, then all of a sudden it won’t do it .

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I read your post before you added to the last paragraph.

If it is happening to groups and components then it sounds like you need to open the group for editing as I said.
You can’t cut through something from outside the bounding box.
Double click on the box to open for editing, draw your square on the face and pushpull to the other side.
If this isn’t the problem then you need to give us more information to see what the issue is.