Cutting component-not responding

Hello sketchers :slight_smile: ,
I dont know how to cut this component. When I try to make object and intersect with this component my sketchup freezes and said “Not Responding”. Maybe the problem is that I have a lot of hidden geometries .Could you please help me?

Thank you in advance!
srafur1ž.skp (12.9 MB)

Yes. There is a lot of geometry. Draw a rectangle where you want to cut and place it inside the group. Then show Hidden Geometry, select only the faces that are involved in the intersection and use Intersect Faces>With Selection. That way SketchUp won’t have to look at all the other geometry in the model. When the selection goes away you’ll know the intersection is complete.

Since your four panels are indtical it would make your life a lot easier if one panel was made as a component and then copied to make the others. Then you’d only need to edit one of them.

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Thank you fast answering Dave! I will try it. You are such an amazing guy in this community :slight_smile: !

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This happens a lot with huge drawings on lower spec hardware. There are times when lawns get mowed and houses painted while waiting as SketchUp plays CatchUp. :grin:

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