Not Responding during Intersect


Not responding when trying to intersect, click on components or just moving something

This is driving me crazy!


That’s really not enough info for anyone to even begin to help you!

For example, what did you do just before it became unresponsive? If you just launched an operation such as intersect faces or import/export, depending on the complexity of the data that can take a while. A bugged plugin can cause Ruby to stall, which hangs up the rest of SketchUp. Too many possibilities to guess…


Generally that’s a sign you’re creating overly complex geometry.

Share the model here or at the 3D Warehouse and we’ll have a look.


It’s under SC home by Hope G
I was intersecting the round windows at the top so I could remove the container holes.


Here we are…


Had no problem intersecting and cutting out the wall before when Shep showed me how to do it. It just started the not responding 3 days ago.


Hello Hope,

Temporarily move the shipping container components away from the model.
You’ll notice mass amounts of unintentionally created stray edges.

Those are the result of using the Intersect command in such a way that you have no control over what intersects with what.

Here’s a copy of the model in which I’ve cleared away the stray edges.
Try the method of intersecting described below.

Select all the geometry of the cylinders you’re using to cut the container wall > Edit > Cut

Then double click your way down through the nested components of the container until you enter the editing context of the container wall. That is, you can select a face or edge of the wall.

Now … Edit > Past in Place

Then, while the cylinder geometry is still selected, right context click on the selected geometry…
Intersect Faces > With Context and then erase what you don’t need.

By placing all the geometry you wish to intersect within the editing context of the wall component and then intersect With Context you limit the intersect operation to only the geometry within the context of the component.