Strange problem after INTERSECT WITH MODEL

Hi all,

A little background.

I’ve modeled an archway (with window) and circled 5 of them around (a circle) at 72 (73?) can’t rmbr. intervals.

I then dragged in my previously-made, circular column design.

What I wanted to do was intersect the entirety and then hopefully ERASE the portion where the window goes. The intersect took 55minutes (old laptop) VAIO laptop from 8 years ago. 1GB ram! win7

Apart from the problem of not being able to select ONLY the surface on the column where the window is supposed to be --I assume that there must be a gap somewhere which is why the ENTIRE column is selecting and not just the desired window area.

The main problem which I don’t understand is there’s a series of lines added to one of the archways where I don’t want them. (they’ve only appeared on ONE of them).

Any ideas why, folks?

no idea

And this is the desired window (which I’ve obviously already modeled)…


You can clean up the extra lines with the Erase command. If you hold down the Alt/Opt key, the eraser will smooth those lines out for you.

Thanks Aaron. Ah THE Aaron, from the YouTube tutorials, seen your work! Great temperament.

Yes. I would normally, as you suggest, just go in and erase or smooth out. I just couldn’t work out why they were there.

At end of 55minute INTERSECT I was just thinking, ok looks like I’ve done something wrong yet again and couldn’t work out what. Because all the windows (circled) are exactly the same. Ml

About the intersect: I tried to minimise the amount of geometry involved but I guess the sheer amount of curves involved just hit the CPU a lot. It really is pretty old, Intel Core Duo 1.6ghz CPU. Way before the days of the now common i3,i5,i7. It does have a GeForceGo7400 you but that’s nothing these days. I’m not even sure if SketchUp uses your GPU in an operation like intersect…

anyone else know the reason?

Can you share the model? It’s hard to understand exactly what you are describing… Looking at the model will make it a lot easier to see your issue.

Somehow your copy operation has unsmoothed the edges so they have become visible. Also, selecting the geometry and using the slider in the Soften edges tray should take care of them.

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As other people had said, the .skp file with an example would help to identify what’s going on.
However, the window you say it looks like you want still have a couple of details that maybe you’re interested in fixing it.


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If all edges gets un-soften from Intersect With Model you probably have duplicated groups/components in the same location. Maybe you made one copy too many when rotating the window.


Very good point actually. -sorry to post over something which could be clearly just a careless mistake. —i can tell you that whenever I rotate multiply I don’t always get the duplicate number right.

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