Intersect with geometry causing insane line problems


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Intersect faces with model or context tool causing insane lines
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make 2017
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Windows 10 Home

As you can see, there are a ton of lines between the circles. I had placed the circles, then extruded them to the other side, then used the intersect faces with model to cut them. And then this annoying lines showed up.

What is going on?


Try the same procedure with the geometry scaled up 10x or even 100x.
most likely there won’t be these extra edges after the ‘Intersect’ operation.

But if you scale down again there might be some lines appearing depending on the actual size of your object. Just try.


Can you upload your model here? It looks from the image as though the face with the circles may not be a plane, or may have become non-planar after you inserted the circles, especially if it was too small to start with. But one can’t tell without the model itself.

Try scaling up the original model first, and upload that, together with a copy of it also scaled up, after Intersect Faces. Then someone may be able to tell what happened and why.


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