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The title may not make sense and so I apologize, what I mean is that since some recent update or another, google sketchup is no longer able to download any sketchup model under 2014’s sketchup version. I find this troubling as I only have Google Sketchup 7 from school, and therefore am unable to get ANY models from the workshop whatsoever. I was already unable to get anything above G-S Ver.7, but as of now I cannot download any model. Why do this if it hinders other peoples ability to acquire models, especially those who don’t wish to purchase an extra Version of google sketchup. (In other words, hindering people who got this from school). Could you return the original ability to download models of the versions you actually have please?
Thanks for your time.


You haven’t been able to buy “Google SketchUp” for about 5 years.

It costs money to keep files for ancient versions that are only being used by a handful of people.

I think you can count on the answer to that question being “no.”

SketchUp Make is still available at no charge.


I suppose I haven’t gotten into the software as much as the use of it, can I still get Higher than SU7 models, While still having SU7? And, what is make?


You can’t open SketchUp models that are saved in a version higher than the version you are using. So if you are using SU7, the SKP files must be SU7 or earlier.

SketchUp Make (capitalized because it is a name) is the free version of SketchUp. It is for non-commercial or hobby use only.

SketchUp 7 was released in 2008. It’s time you catch up and quit living in the past.


Sure, I can get that, but I got this from school a while back and so far find it is good.

Alright, say I go get SU-Make’s latest version, is that equivalent to a free version of SU-L(atest)? Also, if you can, does Make have the same abilities/limitations as SU7 (aquired via school), or is the Class version the full version?


Much has changed in the years since then. The newer versions are better and have more capabilities.

Yes. I’ve already told you twice that SketchUp Make is the free version. [quote=“Player, post:5, topic:42851”]
Also, if you can, does Make have the same abilities/limitations as SU7 (aquired via school), or is the Class version the full version?

I have no idea exactly what you got when you got SU7. Is it the Pro version of the free version? Make has some limitations. It is for personal use only and you don’t get LayOut or Style Builder with it. Make does not have all of the import/export options that the Pro version has. And it doesn’t have all of the tools but it is very powerful. And for free, there’s nothing to complain about.


The OP has 64-bit, that’s good as SU17 only comes in 64-bit now. What has to be investigated further is the integrated Intel graphics. SU17 now requires hardware acceleration which means your graphics driver must not only support SU’s OpenGL requirements, but also OpenGL 3.0 - those things alone are significantly more that SU7.

Don’t uninstall SU7. Older versions of SU co-exist fine. Need to find out if current computer can handle SU17 or maybe SU16…

Update Intel graphics drive from computer manufacturer.

SU now has a utility called Checkup to pre-check your system for issues.


Downloading SU-Make now. There’s a problem with the installation, however: when I was installing “Component Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (x86 and x64)”, it was not fully downloading, just repeating its download (the bar was repeating after each bar finished), so I cancled it and re-started it to get this:
"Component Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (x86 and x64) has failed to install with the following error message:
“A failure occurred attempting to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2.”

The following components failed to install:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (x86 and x64)

See the setup log file located at ‘C:\Users???\AppData\Local\Temp\VSDAAD0.tmp\install.log’ for more information."
What should I do?


I know you said that I don’t need to uninstall SU7, but downloading SU-M appears to not work. Some
"failure occurred attempting to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2." seems to be hindering my download of it, Do you have any clues as to how or why this is happening, and how I can fix it?


Yes, see the pinned topic thread by the SketchUp Team. In particular section 5 :


Don’t remove SU7 - at least until you have successfully updated SU. SU versions are separate program installations. By keeping the older version around, you still have a functional version of SU to model with.

The SU installer examines your computer for assorted required components and will ping MS and try to download and install the missing/outdated components. For some people, updating/installing those components doesn’t go well. Follow Dan’s link to learn about manually downloading and installing the required components. Be aware you also may need to manually install VC++ too. Follow the advice in Dan’s link and report back on your progress.


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