Sleepless Night

Hidden Lines style ought to work better.

Thanks @Anssi . I tried that style but it exposed lines in the background. As noted, I’m looking for the look of the monochrome style but without the shading. Couldnt find a setting to remove it in the styles panel.

I used Hidden Line for the 2D view as Anssi indicated. Are you sure you didn’t select Wireframe?

Thanks. OK, I tried hidden lines and it didnt work until I noticed I normally keep Profiles unchecked.
Once I checked profiles, now it works.
Maybe I will change that to keep profiles checked but set to a value of 1.

Not really a sleepless night doodle. More a trying to stay awake so I might sleep later sort of thing. Of course both parts are solid components. Why wouldn’t they be?

this time from a book by Charles L. Adam, Assoc. Professor of Drawing and Descriptive Geometry at M.I.T. published in 1905. I wonder if they still have a professor with that title.


Was this drawing and model originally also for 3D printing?

The drawing was published for what passed for 3D printing in those days. Somewhere there might still be 3D models of the parts in wood and wax but I’d be surprised. This one would have required 4 or 5 3D models to make.

I don’t know about the M.I.T. but I had a compulsory course in descriptive geometry in 1974 (or 1975). The math went over my head but I learnt methods of perspective construction. We also wrote down 3d coordinates in a list that someone then transposed on punch cards that were run through the university’s (then only) computer to get perspective images. Our playing delayed scientific progress by at least 20 minutes.


I modeled the patterns for the cores for the “3D printing” process they would have used. I guess I should model the patterns for the parts themselves.

Anyone got a good green sand texture?

Patterns and cores for “3D printing” in yellow.


I didn’t realise SketchUp could produce animations.
How do you do that? Is it an add-on?

I’m not sure how @Anssi’s animation was done or if that’s even in SketchUp.

I do animations from SketchUp using native tools. Basically copies of components each given a different tag (layer) and then scenes that switch each tag on or off as needed. Here are a couple of examples using models of toy steam engines. Click on the pictures.

There are extensions like Animator by Fredo6 that can also be used.

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As I said, I didn’t do that. It is from the “Universal joint” article in Wikipedia. It looks very much like SketchUp, though.