A Cam Shaft

Just a little doodling this evening while “watching” a movie.

I blame @TheOnlyAaron for this. He’s got me looking for things like this to model. :smiley:


What movie did you watch during doodling? :slight_smile: Don’t say that the “movie” was “SketchUp live” with @TheOnlyAaron

No. It wasn’t a “SketchUp Live”. :slight_smile:

Looks more like a crankshaft to me! :slight_smile:

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Of course you are correct. I intentionally wrote 'am" instead of “crank” to see how long it would take for someone to mention it. About 11 hours is the answer.

That crank shaft might rip apart your supposed engine awfully quick considering that rotational imbalance. :wink:

It was designed for a steam engine and is only part of a larger assembly. There would be large wheels on the ends of the shaft and they would have counterweights designed into them to balance the assembly.

Not my design. Based on dimensioned drawings found in Google search.