Sleepless Night

Finished up the bar clamp.

FWIW, every component is solid.


That’s some fine modeling Dave! Really nice work.

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Thank you very much sir.


If you’ll excuse me I’ll choose to be selfish here and wish you more sleepless nights. I can see one of these as a laminated poster on my wall just for their soothing properties!

Thanks, I think. :slight_smile:

Which one are you thinking of for a poster? I’m flattered. Maybe I should start having them printed and sell them somewhere.

Done today while waiting for someone to come.

Based on dimensioned drawings in a book from 1904. As usual all components are solids.

Image export from LayOut.


Way cool ! Have never seen that kind of U joint. :+1:

Thank you. I’ve never seen one those U-joints in person before, either. I wonder how well they stayed together before thread locking adhesives were invented.

One positive of that design, no worries of the needle bearing falling over when you press the cap in !

True that.

It reminded me of part 140, universal joint of Meccano ( I used to know all the parts and in which set they came)


Interesting. You should model that U-joint.

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I once started a collection in the Warehouse, need to dig up the email adres asociated with it to regain access, used it for low poly models.
Some time ago @TheGuz and his associates marked it as verified manufacturer :slight_smile:
I will give you access in case you get another sleepless night😀

Thanks for that.

I have a Lego version somewhere in my attic, from the late 1960s. The gears etc. they had then were different to the ones they sell today.
It looks very much like this, but shaped for the Lego cross-shaped rods (source:Wikipedia)


Nice animation, @Anssi!

@MikeWayzovski: I too remember those Meccano joints, but I never got in to Lego - came too late for my childhood (70+ years ago!).

@DaveR: selfishly, I might wish you more sleepless nights, because I always enjoy your models, but for your sake, I wish you fewer of them!


Stolen from Wikipedia. Sorry, source now added.

@Anssi: I’m not bothered by the source, just appreciative of the result, whether you created it or found it.

Never seen one of these before so I tried copying from your post. Very good excercise. As always, symmetry is your friend. I did fudge the threads by simply copying an array of circles vertically. Also my segment count was 12 and so some curves are coarse.

How did you make the front view showing line work only ? Is that an overlay in Layout. I used monochrome style but it has the standard shading which I dont know how to remove.