Sky is missing when default Bottom view is selected (or when looking perfectly upward)


maybe this is by design, but whenever I select the default Bottom view, the sky that has been setup in the style is missing.

Here is my standard template model. You can see that the sky has been activated:

And remains visible for nearly any view:

Except when looking perfectly upward:

Is this a bug? Is this by design? Is there a workaround? I try to export .png images with perfectly upward looking images and that is where I noticed that also from those exported .png images the sky was missing.

There are two style settings you can change to affect this. There is a checkbox for “Show ground from below”, and there is a transparency slider for the ground color. If it is set to show and has low transparency, the ground will block visibility of the sky when looking up from below.

I see it too. Even when ground is turned completely off. The standard Bottom view shows the background colour, not the sky colour.

I do not think it is the ground, because even when my camera position is way above 0, the sky goes away when looking perfectly up.

You could try to run this script to set the camera at position 0,0,1.65.meter and look perfectly up, you will see the sky disappear:

eye = [0, 0, 1.65.m]
direction = [0, 0, 1]
up = [0, -1, 0]

new_camera =, eye.offset(direction), up) = new_camera

same here. but sky appears again if camera is set to parallel projection

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Hmm…this does indeed cause the sky to disappear. But it isn’t that the ground is showing. I set an outrageous green ground color with zero transparency. Looking up from below, I see that color. But your test script shows a whitish color that is not my ground plane color. Furthermore, add even a tiny increment in red or green of the direction vector and I see the sky color again! It seems there is either a bug or a deliberate design that applies only when looking exactly up the z axis from above the ground plane.

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Here too. So Perspective+Bottom view shows the style Background colour if the Ground is off, but Parallel Projection shows the sky colour. I think Kengey found a bug.

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