I have no sky in my model!


Trying to model but i have no sky. I’m using the orbit tool to turn around and look ‘up’ but cannot see any sky.

help please :blush:

Edit the Style and tick the box for Sky.

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where is style?

If you filled in your profile correctly I would have answered with the correct way in my reply, what Operating system are you using and are you really using 2015?

Either way you need to start with Window then Style if using mac, Or Window/Default Tray/ Style if using Windows.

sorted, now, thanks

i am using sketchup 2015 for sure… but i dont know about the operating system.
where do i find that?

What type of computer do you have?


So it sounds like you have Windows.

what should i put on my profile, then, for:

operating system
graphics card

bcos it seems ive done it wrong!
thanks :grin: