Setting background Sky


I am attempting to set a background. I found in styles menu, mix tab a selection for background to hopefully insert a sky. However, the botton shown on the screen save is not active. Is there something I do not know that is keeping it from being active. Is there another button that does the same thing.



Click on the House button and edit the ‘In Model’ Style…


You can place the background image as a Watermark (fourth category in your screenshot). Read about Watermarks in the Knowledge Base. It will explain the options for positioning the Watermark and for combining it with other elements such as the SU ground.



Do you mean the house picture in the paint menu? I do not see the option “In Model” Style. Am I looking in the wrong place?

I have been using a photo for background that includes the sky.



The mix tab allows you to bring a setting from one style into another style. You have to select the other style in the bottom of the panel before any of the buttons become active. Then they let you import those settings from the second style into the currently selected one. Unless there is a style that has the sky background you want, this isn’t the way to alter the background.

Instead, open the “select” tab in the styles window. Click the little house icon that John referred to to see the styles currently in the model. If there is more than one showing, click the one you want to edit. Then click the edit tab and within the edit panel, choose the background icon (middle of the row of buttons). That should get you to the panel where you can set background, sky and ground colors.


Here’s a scene using the Great Eye Nebula as a Watermark background and using SU’s own ground plane colored green. Just save the current style to capture it.



I see that watermark and background are different. The background button is only a color, not a picture as are textures. The screen save shows the blue background specified. The picture with clouds is the watermark. This can work for setting 2d graphic export pictures.

Thanks again.



Sometimes you just gotta say it twice.



Actually, the backgrounds are color gradients that lighten toward the horizon. You can choose a material that has an image texture, but it will get displayed as a gradient using the average color of the image.


While playing around I discovered another way of displaying white edges on a white background: set your background colour to black, and set the Sky and Ground colours to black. It won’t work the other way round, because of the gradient display