Correct use of watermarks in Styles

I have not played with watermarks in styles much before and am probably making a Horlicks of it.

I used an image of a sky as a background watermark as an edit to a style I downloaded from the web. What you see in SU and what you see in LO is quite different. That’s true of both the watermark placing and the general style. Can anyone see what I’ve done wrong from the images?

Viewports have not been modified.

OK, so I’ve found one issue. The viewports were being rendered as Hybrid and needed to be rendered as Raster. That gives the softer look of the original. But I haven’t solved the watermark placement yet.

What happens if you untick Background for the viewport in LO?

If you mean the tickbox in the Styles dialog box, it is greyed out. If I click the Fog button the whole image of sky disappears.

Hmmm… Can you send the LO file?

I’ll PM it to you as it’s too big to upload here.

Looks like you have the ground plane turned on in Sketchup. If it’s turned off an re-saved it will not show in LO… but not sure if that’s exactly the issue?

If you look at the dialog box in post 4 image, you will see that I did in fact mistakenly modify the viewport. That was a large part of the problem. I know not to do that so I tend to assume that I haven’t but it tripped me up here.

PMs sent.