Watermark inside of SU file

Just curious.

I had the perfect opportunity to use my.sketchup while I was on travel and w/o my computer. I saved the file down to my Box cloud, then came back to it when I was home. The thing is, now that I’ve opened it up in my SU Pro (2016 – I’ve been lazy about moving over to 2017 even though it’s installed), I see that there’s a watermark that persists, even when I import the file into LayOut.

I can make it go away in LayOut by switching to vector rendering, but otherwise, as I scale the image window the watermark scales alongside it, and is always present.

Why? It seems that if I have SU Pro, the watermark should disappear, don’t you think?

Have you removed the watermark from the style your model is using? That is the only place I know where they can be stored.


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DUH! I should have thought about that!!! Thanks!