Watermark in SU Make 2017

Hi there I’m trying to watermark in sketch up make 2017 and place a copyright symbol. I am sketching a new farmhouse and don’t really want somebody stealing my plan when I show it around to others & friends etc for their feedback…

Problem is I can’t find Window > Styles in my Make.
Got the Window drop down box but no Styles appears there.

I have been using the Sketchup Knowledge Base and Sketchup YouTube channel as my learning base.

Does this option only appear in Pro or am I making some massive newbie error?

Very new to any form of CAD and am just loving it!! Got using Make for woodwork and metal fabrication projects but apparently we need a new farmhouse…so I am told!!!

Why didn’t I start doing this stuff years ago?

Thanks for any help…

The Styles window is in the Default tray in SU2017. If the tray isn’t displayed on the right side of the screen, go to Window>Default Tray and select Show tray.

Thanks for turbo response!!

Yep, been looking in there (after selecting it from Default Tray) but I only get
•Color Sets
•Default Styles
•Photo Modelling
•Sketchy Edges
•Straight Lines
•Style Builder Competition Winners

I’ve trawled through them all but cannot see the watermark option or am I missing something so obvious?

Thanks again for such a quick response.


I guess I’d have to say yes. You are. Unless you already made and loaded the watermarked style, it’s not going to be in the libraries of styles. You need to edit a style or create a new one and add the watermark.

Also see the help files on creating a watermark: http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000150 Except for step 1 which needs updating for SU2016 and later, the rest is correct.

Thanks very much…

The screenshot was very helpful… going to have to create a new one…at least I now know what’s up.

Thanks again

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