Add a watermark to model for when being viewied in sketchup and sketchup viewier

We’d like to use sketchup viewer during a presentation, what we’d like is for our Logo and address to show up as a ‘watermark’ in the bottom right of the viewer. So that as we rotate the model the logo would stay in the bottom right.

Is that possible to do ? In vectorworks (our 2d + bim cad package) we can set a ‘sheet layer’ which stays flat in 2d whist we rotate the rest of the modle is there something similar in sketchup ?


You can set a watermark in the Styles Dialog.

Make a style with a watermark added in the styles>model>selected-style>edit>button-4[watermark] - add your logo image - edit its settings to locate/size it as you wish.

Use that style [or a version of it] for the scenes you want.
The watermark will stay in place overlaid on the screen as you navigate around the model.

Tip1: to reuse that style in other models do a save_as on it, into your Styles folder, from where it becomes available to other models…

Tip2: you can make an empty SKP with that style loaded and applied to a default Scene 1 tab.
Then save it as a template, and set that as your default template.
Then every time you start a new model it will have your logo-watermark


Thanks @TIG and @Box - When ive done that it comes in large in the centre behind the model. Is it possible to set it so that it comes in the bottom right hand side corner ?

Edit the watermark’s settings [select it and use the cog symbol button].
In the dialog which opens you can set its screen location, repeat, size etc…

If you use the wizard to add the watermark you’ll see one of the options is bottom right corner.
I dont have access to a pc just now but can show you later if necessary.

@TIG @Box That works, thanks

Is there a reason why when I click on a scene my watermark disappears? I want to be able to click through scenes without having to relink my logo every time.

Yes. There is a reason. The watermark is a style setting. The style applied to your other scenes does not contain the watermark. You can change the style applied to those scenes to include the watermark or you can replace the style with the style that contains the watermark.

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