Export 3D Model With Watermark

Hi all.

I can’t seem to export a 3D model in Sketchup together with watermark. Is it not possible to export a 3D model with watermark?


Yes I’m able to add a watermark to my sketchup model. And it works great when I print the model.

However, when I try exporting it as a 3D model (i.e. .dae or .obj file), the watermark goes missing.

Thanks if advance for your help!

It depends on the final goal and why do you want to add that watermark, but as a workaround, there may be several solutions:

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A watermark is only an image overlay. It is not part of the model. As mihai.s indicates, you would need to add your “watermark” as geometry that is part of the model.

Thanks for your solution mihai.s! And for all other replies.