Problem with Exporting into OBJ / GLB / Whatever

Guys, I’m new to Sketch Up, using the trial version to test it out.

I created a model - few buildings and roads with an Image as the base. I want to use this model in PPT as 3D object to further work on it or present it.

When I export it any format, the exported format is not carrying my base image which i want to be exported / attached with my model.

I’m using extension to export it into GLB as it is the best for Office apps as per Microsoft. For rest of the formats im using native exporter but no exported format is showing the base image.

I viewed the exported model in 3D viewer of windows 10 as well as on some online viewer there is no base image in it. Can someone guide me on how to export it efficiently? I’m in a hurry to show this to few guys.

Thanks. (70.0 KB)
Extract this files from the archive and import the OBJ file. Did you see the image/texture?

Or this gltf file (extract the file) (77.2 KB)

Hi mihai.s,

Thanks for your reply! Yes i can see the image in both the formats when viewed in 3D Viewer of Windows 10. I can’t see the Textures & Image in PPT when i import OBJ file and I can’t import GLTF file in PPT - I need GLB to check it.


You’re welcome!

And you didn’t search Google for a ‘GTLF to GLB online transformer’? :slightly_smiling_face:

I used it and here’s the file (unzip): (77.2 KB)

Test the export as FBX, everything should be fine and you can see the texture: (56.7 KB)

Youtube search:

The GLB shared by you is showing the Image as well as the textures. The FBX is without image and textures.
How did you export it into GLTF? I’m using a free extension in Sketchup which is not exporting it with Image.

It is necessary that the Image is in fact a texture applied on a face

and I used the free plugin.

You can export GLB directly

Choose either an embedded glTF (.gltf) file, or a binary glTF (.glb) file.

Thanks mihai.s, exploding and grouping the image solved my problem. Although when I explode the image it doesn’t show up in materials panel as you are showing, however it solves the problem. Thanks.

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