GLB import from Blender

Hey there,

Has anyone successfully imported from Blender to Sketchup using GLB?

I have recently been designing more in Blender (as a lot of what I’m doing is light and material sensitive) and then importing to Sketchup for cutlisting and design drawings.

I’ve been using Collada thus far, and - while it does work - it loses all the groups/components, so I need to go back and re-component everything and paint it with its relevant material colours. Which can be a time consuming pain. OBJ export from sketchup to blender is almost flawless, but is 1 way only for some reason…

I thought importing as .GLB might fix this, but no matter what settings I’m using on my export I just get an “Import Failed” dialogue with no more details.

Is there a particular format of GLB one needs to use? Has anyone successfully imported GLBs from Blender before?

Having searched topics it seems people have had issues exporting, but there doesn’t seem to be any discussion on imports.

Any help on this would be very much appreciated!

Image of they very simple & manifold bottle display that I’m attempting to import

and image of export settings in case I’m doing something stupid!
Not allowed as i’m a first time poster apparently - basically all anim data etc turned off, it’s set to export selected objects only & all modifiers have been applied before export.

Yes, and I tested again now with Blender 4.0.2. The glb model is imported into SketchUp.

I have now also tested the obj file from Blender 4.0.2 and the model is imported into SketchUp, keeping the groups.

What kind of errors does it give you?

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Hi Mihai,

Thanks so much for this, confiming it worked for you inspired me to keep testing and I just found the issue:

For anyone else encountering this issue in future - it turns out that linked instances in Blender (in this case the bottles on the shelves) are what seem to break the GLB import to Sketchup. May be worth SU team checking if that is an issue on their import end or Blender export end. Can send a broken file if anyone would like to test it.

Removing those instances means the import works fine and preserves all hierarchies into Sketchup!

One thing I’m confused is you saying you imported and OBJ from Blender to Sketchup - I don’t seem to have that option in latest SU2024 import lists?

If I have misunderstood and you were referring to my ‘almost flawless’ comment on OBJs from SU into Blender, I meant that sometimes odd things happen with the topology on planar faces and curved surfaces. Still usable but sometimes needs some attention.

Thanks again for getting back to me, it is genuinely much appreciated.

You’re welcome!

I installed the QuadFace Tools extension, but you can also use Universal Importer, Skimp or Transmutr.

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