Exporting SketchUp Models To Blender For Rendering

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I’m a long-time professional user of SketchUp and in the last five years, I’ve exported all my SketchUp models to Blender, to handle all of my renderings. It’s not always a straightforward process, so I’ve written a basic tutorial on the way I do things (https://www.dndrawings.com/sketchup-to-blender-dae-clean-tutor), there may be other ways but with the latest releases of Blender, I’ve found this to be the most effective. So just wanted to share with the community, if anyone is interested.

If you’ve never tried Blender before, it’s an unbelievably powerful tool for photorealistic rendering, simulation, animation, 3D modelling, sculpting, amongst many other things and it’s free and open-source. You can also export models from Blender into SketchUp, which is a great way to fill some of the gaps (without plugins) that SketchUp has, like cloth simulation, quad modelling and subdivision.

I find using SketchUp and Blender together makes for a great modelling workbench. I’d love to know if anyone else is doing the same.

Let me know if you try the tutorial and it’s useful to you. Also, if there’s interest, I can do a tutorial on how to render in Blender.

Note: The tutorial requires downloading Blender 2.8\2.81 and also a free add-on I’ve developed, to clean the model that has been imported to Blender.


Thank you… I use sketchup to Blender workflow sometimes, for fun… Thank you for the article… A few days ago i export a seat model from sketchup as obj and import to blender to drop a cloth on it, but couldn’t do it…

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Thank you !!

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I’ve always had issues exporting with .obj. Not sure whether it’s the way SketchUp exports or the way Blender imports. It doesn’t work nicely the other way either, if you export a .obj from Blender and import into SketchUp.

The best way is, installing 2.81 and and using 2,7 without install, There is skp import plugin for 2.7…

If we’re thinking of the same plugin, the problem is that it hasn’t been updated since 2017 so is for older versions of SketchUp and Blender (as you mention). It also triangulates all the model faces which isn’t ideal.

I’ve tried a number of plugins for SketchUp and Blender to handle export/import and they’ve either stopped being developed (so only work on older versions of either piece of software), or didn’t work very well in the first place.

I find using the exporting to .dae, so much more straightforward, as it works in all versions.


I read your article and install your plugin and i will use it, thank you…

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