Best way to export to and from BLENDER - general advice

Hi there, I wonder if anybody experimented with exporting and importing from Blender.

I am hoping to use it both ways.

Import to Blender to Render, Sculpt, and Animate, and Export back to SketchUp to make 2D documents.

I am wondering if I could Import models from Blender and Sculpt on them or add to them, Unwrap them, Texture Paint them, and then export them back to SketchUp for documentation. 2D

I would welcome some advice and tutorial suggestions on any of the above. Thank you

There’s an add-on for Blender that directly opens .SKP files. A quick Google should bring up how to do it or where to get it from (I forget how I got it)

I’ve rendered Sketchup models in Blender and it works great as long as you put the effort in creating new materials, lighting etc. It’s not a quick process.

I’d imagine trying to edit the model with Blender would be quite tricky depending on what you were trying to do. I’m not a Blender expert and only tinker with it for renders.

I’ve never tried exporting back into Blender but I think that would require exporting to a different format like DAE.
I might give it a go if I’ve got a spare 5 minutes during the day.

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Exported a file from Blender as a DAE. - which was previously modelled in Sketchup.

Opened in Sketchup.
Not good.
No groups or components, just one great big lump of faces, lines and edges. Unworkable.

Using Blender addon Sketchup Importer 0.23.0, sculpting, uv unwrapping, painting and exporting as DAE to SketchUp



This is great! Thank you, Mihail!

I am still experimenting with which format is better for what, but your video answered quite a lot of questions already!

I painted the texture in Blender, but its not imported (I followed the steps you made and ticked the boxes you ticked.

Screenshot 2023-10-12 133722

I like that you mirrored BLENDER’s workspace.

Thanks both!

Make sure you save the created texture. If the asterisk appears next to Image, then you must save the texture so that it can be loaded into SketchUp with the import of the DAE file.

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How did you add the SKP tool into the SIDEBAR on your OUTLINER WINDOW, to adjust DAE settings??

I tried to find the function to clean DAE settings, which you access from the Sidebar from the SKP folder, but I can not find it.
how to add SKP to the side

Hi @_kimga,
After you finish modeling the donut (probably following Blender Guru’s tutorial - very useful, thank you, Andrew!) and adding sprinkles over the icing, if you plan to use it in SketchUp, you’ll need to retopologize it and bake the texture on it to have a low poly model. :wink:

If you want to go from Sketchup into Blender and be able to slap a subdivision surface modifier on your geometry then use the obj exporter that’s hidden in the Quadface Tool set. I use the Sub D plugin in sketchup to model a basic form but sometimes I’ll pop it into blender to finish it off and the obj exporter lets me bring geometry over pretty seamlessly.

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Thank you. I will try this!

I forgot to mention that you have to build your geometry using quads to take advantage of this. The definition of a QuadFace Tools quad is that two triangles share an edge which is [soft and smooth] with Cast Shadows turned off.

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Hi Guys,
I use it in my daily workflow sketchup (modeling)+ Blender rendering.
Most of my material texturing are made in SketchUp then I tweak some of the parameters in Blender to get the best out of it.
I added a comparison of SketchUp file+blender file comparison render.
I’ve also imported a few high-density models directly from SketchFAb to Blender.
To work as best is very important to take care of how you name the texture in Sketchup, how you assign material, and how you use tag and nested group tags. Also, some SketchUp plugin give Blender importers a hard time (Profile Builder)
If someone have more in-depth question please let me know thanks

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