Sktechup 2018 Best Graphics card

Hey Guys. I support a client who has Sketchup 2018. The company I work for recently built a brand new computer wtih an Intel Xeon W-2125 CPU @ 4.00GHz / 32 GB of RAM DDR4 256Mb ECC / Kingston 1TB SSD / Nvidia Quadro P4000. 8GB DDR5

The issue is sketchup takes forever to load files with more assets. When running the sketchup check it says that 1MB is recognized and that 256MB min is recommended.

I think its a NVIDIA issue even this particular person will receive unsupported graphics card alerts on Google Earth. Me and my team have tried upgrading to the latest drivers, rolling back drivers, set NVIDIA control panel to use GPU resources. We have even put a ticket in with sketchup but they don’t even know.

This client is getting tired of waiting for support to come back so with that said, what is a good graphics that we can purchase that has similar specs as the P4000 but is confirmed to work flawlessly?

The 1 Mb message is an error due to a bug in Windows that CheckUp exposes. You can ignore that.

Generally for SketchUp, a Quadro card doesn’t provide as much bang for the buck as a GeForce 9xx or 10xx card will.

Probably the load time has more to do with the extensions the client has loading although huge models can take a little while. Note that SketchUp only uses a single core of the CPU.

Most users find they would improve things greatly by purging their models of unused assets and improving modeling techniques to make more efficient models.

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I don’t think this is a graphics card issue. If there are no extensions Dave refers to, the model just is probably so complex. Whenever the face or edge count (Window menu>Model Info>Statistics, check the “Show nested Components” box) starts to run in millions, Sketchup will slow down. If the “assets” you refer to mean 3D planting and other entourage models downloaded from the 3D Warehouse, you probably have the culprit there. It is not feasible to build a forest of 3D tree models.

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